Improving Patient Outcomes with the Newest Technology in Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Orlando Cicilioni is pleased to announce that we are bringing the latest technology into Central Florida for plastic surgery breast reconstruction. The Spy Elite System is an imaging system used to capture and view fluorescence images for the visual assessment of blood flow as an adjunctive method for evaluation of tissue perfusion during reconstructive surgery. This has applications for assessing blood flow in mastectomy skin flaps and blood flow in TRAM flaps as well as Latissimus Flap reconstruction.

By having a visual indicator of skin and tissue flap perfusion, the surgeon is better able to make accurate decisions in surgery with regards to trimming of devitalized tissues, or tissues that have weak blood flow. This in turn allows for better patient outcomes because it means less healing difficulties may be encountered. This will be of tremendous benefit to patients who are at high risk for healing difficulties due to factors such as cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus, and thin tissues.

The Spy Elite System is predicted to be in place at Florida Hospital Orlando Outpatient Medical Plaza and Winter Park Memorial Hospital by 9/1/2011.  Please ask us during your consultation if the procedure would be beneficial during your surgery.  This For more information, please visit the LifeCell website at:

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