Obagi Skin Care

Skin care is a vital part of maintaining a youthful appearance. Our Sarasota office features the Obagi® Skin Care line of products and Blue Peels to help you maintain or regain your radiant glow.

Our staff have been trained by the Obagi® Corporation and can help guide you as to which products will work best for your complexion. Since the products are prescription strength, a consultation with one of our staff is necessary before beginning on a treatment plan.


The Obagi Nu-Derm® system is a safe and effective prescription strength physician-dispensed skin care product that contains Hydroquinoe and Tretinoin. The system improves cellular skin function, minimizes the signs of premature aging, reduces future photodamage and helps the skin to look younger and healthier by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This 6-step process repairs damaged skin from a cellular level.


The Obagi Blue Radiance® peel is a unique professional peel that provides instant skin radiance. The peel is a blend of salicylic, lactic and glycoloic acid. This peel provides tighter, smoother and brighter looking skin after 1 use. This peel is easy to perform and takes a matter of minutes! Combining this peel with the Obagi® Nu Derm® System allows for enhanced results.


The Obagi Elastiderm® Eye Treatment is a patented formulation that improves the strength and resilience of delicate periorbital skin. The bi-mineral complex that is found in this top of the line product helps replenish the elasticity and support collagen that allows for a tighter and smoother appearance. This product also contains Malonic acid that helps stimulate the production of health skin cells for overall skin improvement.

Photos courtesy of the Obagi® Corp. For more information and a full listing of the product line, please visit the official Obagi® Website at: Obagi.com

ADVISORY: Products containing Tretinoin or Hydroquinone may not be safe for use during pregnancy. Please advise our office staff if you may be pregnant or trying to conceive prior to beginning any skin care regimen.