Feminine Sculpture: Nature’s Most Delicate Curves

2014-09-13T01:32:20-04:00September 13th, 2014|

Since Dr. Orlando Cicilioni of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery specializes in Breast Surgery, we feel Fall is a very special time of year. We know the breast cancer awareness programs are soon beginning. We do not wait for the pink ribbons of October to practice breast cancer awareness. We are awareness advocates all year round. We [...]

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery: FDA Alert for Your Summer Skin!

2014-07-12T05:37:33-04:00July 12th, 2014|

The glossy advertising for the product, "it," is not only glamorous, but also dressed up in medical terminology. The packaging and containers are first-rate. The treatment feels creamy on your fingertips. “It” looks rich. “It” smells fresh. “It” is an over-the-counter treatment for acne. You can hardly wait to slather it on your face. Stop! [...]

Make Zombie Hands Disappear: A Report From Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

2014-02-21T02:55:44-04:00February 21st, 2014|

Modern women and men have discovered new ways to keep the appearance and vitality of youth in their look. Hollywood is full of body conscious, face conscious and age conscious women, who keep time at bay with many types of cosmetic surgery, but they have often neglected one tell-tale feature: their hands. In story, song [...]

A Beautiful Bustline by Alergan, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery and You!

2013-03-17T04:11:50-04:00March 17th, 2013|

In our last blog we announced the FDA approval of the Natrelle 410 breast implants, and the Allergan certification of our own Dr. Orlando Cicilioni as an approved surgeon for the special surgical expertise demanded by this prestigious company. We explained how these implants have become the most popular choice for women all over the [...]