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A Tribute To Mothers Everywhere!

In honor of Mother's Day, Altiora brings you a poem to symbolize the unconditional goodness and joy we find only in our mothers. A Joyous Mother's Day To All     ‘God made [...]

  • Popular Procedures in Plastic Surgery

Procedures Popular in Plastic Surgery, Sarasota 2018: Questions

At this season, body-revealing styles are leading women to elect both surgical and non-surgical procedures as they prepare for the outdoor activities of the Saratoga summer.  At Altiora, these procedures are also some of our [...]

  • Use Specially developed

6 Sunny Sarasota Strategies To Avoid Sun-Damaged Skin

Here is our number over-all Sarasota Strategies for avoiding damage to our skin.  Here at Altiora, we are starting our campaign against traditional sunbathing early:  We avoid endangering our skin with the sun now.  Then [...]

  • Good Skin is Always Sarasota Style

Sarasota Sunshine Update: A Smile and Alert from Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa

Here at Altiora Plastic Surgery &Med Spa in Sarasota, we are preparing for an absolute annual epidemic of sun worshiping.  And the sunshine will get beautiful as our temperatures make their promised climb into the 80’s, [...]

  • Glowing skin from Altiora with the new product, Melanin.

Sarasota Embraces Spring in an Easter Spirit of Gratitude

Sarasota is helping us to count our blessings; there along the shoreline and deep into the heart of the city, the power of Spring is undeniable. Spring has sprung in Sarasota! The spring message of the [...]

  • Protection: Melanin

Melanin Dreams, Schemes, Regimes: Show Your Sunscreen Some Love

Melanin is a natural compound created by your skin when exposed to the sunshine.  This article will be different from most blogs about sunscreen.  And as the Florida sun grows warmer, you will no doubt, [...]