• Anti-aging Power for Summer

Anti-Aging Secrets of Sunscreen Exposed 2017!

Of all the terms for cosmetic and skin products in 2017, the most magical words seem to be anti-aging.  Yet at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we commonly treat the consequences of a woman's age. [...]

  • Vaginal Laxity can not be seen by everyone.

Vaginal Laxity: ThermiVa Prevents Secrecy, Silence and Suffering

Many of the changes women endure as they age are obvious.  Vaginal Laxity is not.  At least, only the most intimate partner might know of this change.  Consequently, women have silently—and secretly--endured the changes made [...]

  • Choose your plastic surgeon wisely.

Surgeon: Plastic or Cosmetic? What’s in a Name?

Cosmetic or Board Certified  Plastic Surgeon? Do Your Shopping Homework!  At Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we have heard some confusion between the title “plastic surgeon” and “cosmetic surgeon.”  Rember the Shakespearean [...]

  • Memorial Day Outings Inspire Sunscreen

Memorial Day Message from Altiora and Summer Sunscreen Secrets

In the first place, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his staff wish you a Happy Memorial Day from Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.  We hope hope your Memorial Day observance will not miss the true meaning [...]

Summer Skin 2017: The Oxylight-By-Sapphire-3, A Triple Treat for Skin!

Oxylight is A Triple Treat for Your Summer Skin Oxylight Therapy by Sapphire 3 is an especially good summer treat for your skin! It is being served by Altiora Med Spa well trained [...]

ThermiTight: Medical Skin Treatment That Works Like Magic!

ThermiTight is quietly changing the way women look at growing older.  With this advanced Rf technology many of our patients at Atiora Plastic Surgery Medspa are discovering that youthful skin helps them feel better about [...]