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  • Protection: Melanin

Melanin Dreams, Schemes, Regimes: Show Your Sunscreen Some Love

Melanin is a natural compound created by your skin when exposed to the sunshine.  This article will be different from most blogs about sunscreen.  And as the Florida sun grows warmer, you will no doubt, [...]

Botulinum Toxin, Alias “Botox,” Battles Facial Scars, Brings Smiles

Botulinum Toxin A, or “Botox” as it is commonly called, is back in the news helping patients again.  Yes, Botox does much more than simply treat wrinkles.  And that’s a pretty impressive feat in itself. [...]

The New Breast: A Fresh Look At Breast Augmentation 2018

Breasts are essential features of classic beauty and femininity.  Recently the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released the surgical statistics for 2017.  Breast augmentation ranked above all other cosmetic procedures in the US for the [...]

  • Valentine love for skin.

For Valentine and Galentine: Get Ready for the Red Carpet!

Prepare for a beautiful Valentine Day with The Sapphire 3 Oxylight skin treatment.  You might not be a star or a celebrity yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the advantages of world-class celebrity [...]

  • Love the skin you are in with Altiora treatments.

A Love Story, A Special Community and a Thank You Valentine

A Love Story for an entire community is unusual.  Yet, the Sarasota area, the place and its people, captured the hearts of Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his wife Lori.  The Longboat Key News recently told much [...]

  • Dream products for the skin of your dreams.

Dream Skin and the Confidence Factor Discovered for You

Dream Skin..Healthy skin...Beautiful skin requires careful care and nourishment.  Your dream skin reflects your environment.  And skin is the interface with our professional and personal lives.  As we stated in our previous blog, plastic surgeon Orlando [...]